Eliska Bartek.                                                                                                                              Kunstbulletin 11/2020

Eliška Bartek


Berlin - "I feel the wind," the artist says, "the rain and the sunshine, and I think to myself, I have to remember that, I have to express it in my watercolor. I go home, full of these impressions, full of this longing for life and for death, and sit down at my desk, where I begin to paint watercolors".


With 'Farbrausch - Frenesia di Colore - Color Frenzy' the hilleckes probst galerie dedicates an exhibition to Eliška Bartek for her 70th birthday. The title fits to the work of the artist, who was born in Czechoslovakia and fled to the West in 1972. Today, she lives in Ticino and Berlin and has become known through abstract paintings, photograms and photographs. Her paintings created in recent years, inspired by daily walks through the Maggia Valley, are a true rush of color. Diario di Maggia' (2016 - 2018) is the name of the cycle that reflects the changes of the seasons: landscapes devoid of people, expressive in color. With 'Il mio piccolo paradiso' (2020), she reacts to the loneliness caused by corona with a superabundance, which, as the gallery writes, is a characteristic of the artist. "Eliška is the Czech version of the first name Elisabeth, and it means My God is Abundance". We congratulate! MW